Sicily 2005. Photo: Mark Altegoer

A summary of photography

"There are two fundamental elements in all picture-taking: where to stand and when to release the shutter. These are the two basic controls at the photographer's command - position and timing - all others are extensions, peripheral ones, compared to them.
So photography is very simple, which is not to say easy."
David Hurn, On being a photographer

Namibia 2009. Photo: Mark Altegoer

Mission statement

A Summary of Chaos tries to show you a cross section of photography blogs and websites. This is a highly subjective and unbiased selection of links.
We link to blogs and websites that fall into several main categories: our favourite photography blogs, blogs about photography gear, news in the photography industry, learning your craft as a photographer, books about photography, documentary with pictures and videos, famous photographers, the history of photography, the art of photography, and most importantly: inspiration for your own photographic endeavours. As a bonus we offer some links to blogs about hiking, adventures and simplicity.
At A Summary of Chaos we try to avoid spending too much time and money on consumerism, but because photography in itself is all about consuming images you cannot avoid consumerism completely.
Almost every other photography related website on the internet has an online shop and/or wants to earn money through affiliate programs, but we provide our service absolutely free of charge and without any affiliates to stay independent.
Please keep in mind that there are a lot of blogs or websites on the internet that can be very useful, even if they are not listed here. We just try to keep this index of photography blogs and photography websites as uncluttered and short as possible. It's a work in progress. We hope you find this helpful.

USA 2014. Photo: Mark Altegoer


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